Yihui Xie


My name is Yihui Xie. You can know more about me on the homepage and my vitae. This blog is about statistics, R, graphics, life, and fun, with a special focus on R. I often update my old posts (even after years) to correct errors and remove outdated information, so please don’t take everything for granted. All opinions expressed here are my own, and I don’t represent anyone else. I like contributing to open-source software, especially R (I’m the author of a few R packages listed on my vitae). I have an interview on The Setup where you can learn more about me on the software side.

Contact me

You can find me on GitHub (where I’m active almost every day) or Twitter @xieyihui (I only read Twitter once a week, and usually don’t answer questions there). You may subscribe to the RSS feed of blog posts or all comments to stay tuned. I don’t like formality, so it is not necessary to call me “Dr Xie” when you email me or introduce me to your friends. I’m a software engineer, so please don’t call me professor.

Usually I don’t like private emails of questions about open-source packages. It is not practical for me to answer all of them, and emails often make me feel stressed. Don’t get me wrong—I do like questions, but I’ll be glad to see questions about open-source packages (like R) posted on Stack Overflow, and I watch them closely almost every day. Please feel free to email me the link to your question if nobody has answered you after a few days. Knowledge should be open to the public whenever possible, and I’d like to use emails only for private conversations (more explanations in this post). BTW, when you say you have “a quick question”, please make sure it is really quick, so I don’t have to doubt if I’m too dumb.

About this site

This site is created with blogdown (base on Hugo) and the theme is hugo-ivy, a Hugo theme that I ported from Ivy. The Markdown source files are hosted on Github. When you read the blog posts, you can navigate to the previous post by the left-arrow key or next post by right-arrow. Please hit “Edit this page” in the menu if you find any mistakes on the page to propose a correction through Github.


R Language

My projects

Below is an incomplete list of packages and projects I have worked on. For a full list, please see my vitae.