I’m currently a freelancer, and was a software engineer at Posit Software, PBC (2013-2023). I earned my PhD from the Department of Statistics, Iowa State University. My thesis was Dynamic Graphics and Reporting for Statistics, advised by Di Cook and Heike Hofmann. I have developed a series of R packages either seriously or for fun (or both), such as litedown, knitr, animation, bookdown, blogdown, pagedown, xaringan, and tinytex. I founded a Chinese website called “Capital of Statistics” in 2006, which has grown into a large online community on statistics. I initiated the China R conference in 2008. I’m a big fan of GitHub, LyX and Pandoc. I used to hate IE but no longer care since it has almost died. I fall asleep when I see beamer slides, and I yell at people who use \textbf{} to write \title{}. I know I cannot eat code, so I cook almost every day to stay away from my computer for two hours.

这是谢益辉的主页。2013 年底我从 Ames 村办大学统计系毕业,终于解决了人生前三十年被问最多的问题:“你怎么还没毕业?“目前为自由职业者。我支持开源,喜欢折腾网站和代码,是个高度自我驱动的人。打羽毛球爱勾对角,打乒乓球像太极,网球满场子捡球,篮球容易被撞飞,攀岩一次,腿软。宅,口重、嗜辣、屡教不改。智商中等偏下,对麻将和三国杀有不可逾越的认知障碍,实变函数课上曾被老师叫醒。略好读书与文,对诗词楹联感兴趣,目前较中意的一联是:千秋邈矣独留我;百战归来再读书。最喜欢的一首词是: