A gallery of animations in statistics and utilities to create animations

This is an R package to create and export animations to a variety of formats (HTML/JS, GIF, Video, PDF), and it also serves as a gallery of animations related to statistics and computing. A detailed introduction can be found in this paper:1

The Gradient Descent Algorithm

You can install the stable version from CRAN, or the development version from GitHub:

# or development version
# remotes::install_github('yihui/animation')

Bugs and feature requests can be filed via GitHub issues in the repo yihui/animation. You are very welcome to contribute code via pull requests on GitHub, or help us write examples on this website. The full source of this website is available on GitHub in the repo yihui/ Please feel free to fork the repo and submit pull requests with your contributions.

  1. Please note that it was written in 2011, and some functions may have been renamed or changed. This website contains more up-to-date information. ↩︎