Yihui Xie


A gallery of animations for statistics

Below is a list of examples (under construction) for functions in the animation package. To see or contribute other examples, please go to the resources page.

2017-04-04 ani.options() · Set or query animation options

2017-04-04 ani.record() · Record and replay animations

2017-04-04 animation-package() · A Gallery of Animations in Statistics and Utilities to Create Animations

2017-04-04 bisection.method() · The Bisection Method for root-finding on an interval

2017-04-04 BM.circle() · Brownian Motion in a Circle

2017-04-04 boot.iid() · Bootstrapping the i.i.d data

2017-04-04 boot.lowess() · Bootstrapping with LOWESS

2017-04-04 brownian.motion() · Demonstration of Brownian Motion

2017-04-04 buffon.needle() · Simulation of Buffons Needle

2017-04-04 clt.ani() · Demonstration of the Central Limit Theorem

2017-04-04 conf.int() · Demonstration of Confidence Intervals

2017-04-04 cv.ani() · Demonstration of the k-fold Cross Validation

2017-04-04 cv.nfeaturesLDA() · Cross-validation to find the optimum number of features (variables) in LDA

2017-04-04 flip.coin() · Probability in flipping coins

2017-04-04 grad.desc() · Demonstration of the Gradient Descent Algorithm

2017-04-04 im.convert() · A wrapper for the convert utility of ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick.

2017-04-04 kmeans.ani() · Demonstration of the K-means Cluster Algorithm

2017-04-04 knn.ani() · Demonstration of the k-Nearest Neighbour (kNN) classification

2017-04-04 least.squares() · Demonstrate the least squares method

2017-04-04 lln.ani() · Demonstration of the Law of Large Numbers

2017-04-04 MC.hitormiss() · Hit or Miss Monte Carlo Integration

2017-04-04 MC.samplemean() · Sample Mean Monte Carlo Integration

2017-04-04 moving.block() · Cycle through an R object and plot each subset of elements

2017-04-04 mwar.ani() · Demonstration of Moving Window Auto-Regression

2017-04-04 newton.method() · Demonstration of the Newton-Raphson method for root-finding

2017-04-04 pdftk() · A wrapper for the PDF toolkit Pdftk

2017-04-04 price.ani() · Stock prices of Vanke

2017-04-04 qpdf() · A wrapper for the PDF toolkit qpdf

2017-04-04 quincunx() · Demonstration of the Galton Box, example 1

2017-04-04 quincunx2() · Demonstration of the Galton Box, example 2

2017-04-04 Rosling.bubbles() · The Bubbles Animation in Hans Roslings Talk

2017-04-04 sample.cluster() · Demonstration of the cluster sampling

2017-04-04 sample.ratio() · Demonstration of the Ratio Estimation in Sampling Survey

2017-04-04 sample.simple() · Demonstration of the simple random sampling without replacement

2017-04-04 sample.strat() · Demonstration of the stratified sampling

2017-04-04 sample.system() · Demonstration of the systematic sampling

2017-04-04 saveGIF() · Convert images to a single animation file (typically GIF) using ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick

2017-04-04 saveHTML() · Insert animations into an HTML page

2017-04-04 saveLatex() · Insert animations into a LaTeX document and compile it

2017-04-04 saveSWF() · Convert images to Flash animations

2017-04-04 saveVideo() · Convert a sequence of images to a video by FFmpeg

2017-04-04 sim.qqnorm() · Simulation of QQ plots for the Normal distribution

2017-04-04 vanke1127() · Stock price of Vanke

2017-04-04 vi.lilac.chaser() · Visual Illusions: Lilac Chaser