Yihui Xie

Random Thoughts (Episode 1)

Yihui Xie / 2021-03-31

As an attempt to close the 300 tabs in my browser, I’m starting this series of blog posts to write down some random thoughts. Some of them are from the tweets that caught my attention, and some are from Github issues or random articles, etc. Each item may be worth a separate blog post, but I cannot possibly afford the time to write so many posts. However, I’m not sure if there will ever be an Episode 2, because these random thoughts include some unpopular opinions and open questions on my mind, to which I have no answers. I may have to just give up writing this type of post to avoid creating even more noise to this noisy enough world. To minimize the spread of my noise, I will hold the actual content of this post for at least 90 days before publishing it. I also wish that readers do not share this post. Thanks!