Source and output of demos

Note there is a larger collection of examples in the knitr-examples repository on GitHub. This page is more for the documentation purpose. You can take a look at the collection of knitr applications by other users as well.

2011-12-03 Minimal examples · Examples for Rnw, Markdown, HTML and LaTeX

2011-12-04 Cache · Examples for the cache feature

2011-12-05 Manual · The package manual

2011-12-06 LyX · Using knitr with LyX

2011-12-07 Code Externalization · Use an external R script with your document

2011-12-08 Beamer · Using knitr in beamer slides

2011-12-09 Graphics · Power of graphics in knitr

2011-12-10 Listings · Using knitr with listings

2012-01-14 Chunk Reference/Macro · How to reuse chunks

2012-01-18 Child documents · Input child files into the main document

2012-01-22 Package vignettes · How to build package vignettes with knitr

2012-01-25 Control output · Manipulate six types of chunk output and inline output

2012-01-26 Quick reporting · Build a report based on an R script

2012-02-01 Org-mode · Use knitr in Org-mode

2012-02-02 RStudio · knitr support in RStudio

2012-02-11 Pretty printing · Print highlighted source code of a function

2012-02-12 Upload images · Publish images from chunks in the web

2012-02-24 Sweave · Transition from Sweave to knitr

2012-02-27 Eclipse · Configure Eclipse to work with knitr

2012-02-29 Package framed · Default LaTeX style in knitr

2012-03-16 Editors for knitr · Work with Emacs, Texmaker, TeXShop, WinEdt and TextMate, etc

2012-05-01 HTML5 slides · making HTML5 slides with pandoc and knitr

2012-05-04 Language engines · Use other languages in knitr

2012-11-09 JavaScript · Combine R and JS applications like D3

2013-02-10 WordPress · Publish blog posts from R + knitr to WordPress

2013-03-06 Pandoc · Convert Markdown to other formats via Pandoc

2013-03-11 knitr showcase · Examples from other users