Use knitr in Org-mode


Update: looks like a better solution for knitr in Org-mode. Thanks, Charles Berry.

The syntax of knitr/Sweave is not compatible with the Org-mode in Emacs. Ideally we should be able to write an R code chunk like this:

#+begin_src R chunk options...
x = rnorm(10)

If we want to use knitr in the Org-mode, we have to cheat a little bit by putting the R code chunks in #+begin_LATEX and #+end_LATEX, then convert the org document to tex, then rename to rnw, and finally process with knitr to get the real tex output.

<<demo-chunk, echo=TRUE>>= 
x = rnorm(10)

Prasad Chalasani experimented with the above idea and put up a repository OrgKnitr on GitHub so that you can use his script to quickly compile an org document to PDF. Thanks, Prasad!

Actually I do not know much about Org-mode. If you have other ideas about the Org-mode, I’d love to hear about them too.