The Cool Hacker Emi Tanaka

Yihui Xie 2018-07-30

Emi said it was heck of a praise when I said Earo was a very impressive hacker. Well, the fact is that, honestly speaking, I have been actually impressed many more times by Emi, which is probably because Earo is a relatively low-key hacker, and I have seen a lot of cool things Emi posted on Twitter this year. If I were to write a full post about them, it would probably take me two whole days. Below is a one-hour attempt to show the many ways in which she can be so cool.

The kunoichi theme for xaringan, made by Emi

Creative, enthusiastic, excellent taste of design, with great attention to details. That is my overall impression of this hacker. Wait… Why do I feel as if I were writing a letter of recommendation?…

The hacker’s way of parking