Slowly but Steadily, They Started to Help Me Answer Questions

Yihui Xie 2018-07-24

Earlier this year, I said “nothing feels better than someone else answering questions for me”. I feel happier and happier as I see more and more people answer questions that would otherwise fall on my shoulders. Just three recent examples to show how good I feel when I wake up in the morning only to find some questions have been answered on Github (and better, closed):

Some people have been helping me so frequently on Github and Stack Overflow that I can easily list their names: Marcel Schilling, Michael Harper, Ralf Stubner, Christophe Dervieux, and TC Zhang (apologies if I omitted other frequent helpers – I’m pretty bad at remembering people’s names).

So if/when you find my work useful, please remember this nice crowd of helpers who liberated my productivity.

Two kittens doing the job so one kitten can rest