knitr: Elegant, flexible and fast dynamic report generation with R

Yihui Xie 2011-12-01

The world has changed. You can feel it on GitHub. You can smell it on Google+. The knitr package, inspired by Sweave, has features that you have been longing for, and features that you might have never imagined. Thumb through the PDF manual to see some of them.

Currently this package is still a beta version, so I’m looking for feedback from early birds on:

  1. Is the PDF documentation confusing in any places? e.g. you have no idea on how to install the package because it was not mentioned in the manual;
  2. Does the website look ugly in your browser? (I know it does with IE under Windows) I used a font from Google Font API, and it does not seem to be consistent across different web browsers / OS’es;
  3. What kind of difficulties did you have in switching from Sweave / pgfSweave / whatever-Sweave to knitr?
  4. Do you like the idea of putting R code / output in a shaded frame in LaTeX? is the default shading (rgb(.97, .97, .97)) too dark or too light? how about the highlighting theme?
  5. Have you ever tried to hack at Sweave? I’d love to listen to your stories;
  6. What else do you expect from knitr?

Feel free to file a bug report in the issues page if you find any problems or have any suggestions. I appreciate your efforts in making this knitr package even neater!