Be Considerate

谢益辉 2007-04-11

This evening I made a presentation to my classmates. Maybe it took a too long time and in the last 20 minutes some students began to whisper with each other. I was standing on the front platform so I could clearly identify who were talking. Of course this feeling was not so good and I had to raise my voice in order that other students could hear my words.

I’m not expressing my dissatisfaction here, and I’m actually not unhappy at all. All along I have been regarding moral cultivation as the most critical point for a human. What I recalled then was not their whisper, but my own whisper when other people were lecturing in the front. Yes, it’s a shame. I should be more considerate of others at least in this aspect.

P.S. This evening I talked too much on purpose in the class just because I didn’t want my teacher to talk that much (usually he will talk and talk and talk, till the screen savers appear, no, till the projection goes out, till some students wake up again)