A Sense of Service

谢益辉 2007-04-12

I didn’t go to the dining hall to have my lunch today because there’s no remaining money in my card. Thus I rode my bike to the central campus to recharge my account and by the way bought some dumplings (is the word “jiaozi” popular now?); when I came back with a bag of “jiaozies”, I found the elevator had just gone, and a waitress (perhaps from a certain dining hall) quickly said “Gone” to me at the glance of my hurry appearance, in order to slow down my steps and prevent invalid efforts.

Surely most people will ignore such a trivial action, however, I believe this is a good sense of service. Usually we’ll not tell a stranger that the elevator has gone; even we’ll not utter any words to a stranger met in front of an elevator. She is a waitress, so the action is different.

Hmm… Interesting? Be professional, no matter what you do.