How to Fold Messages and Warnings in knitr

Yihui Xie 2023-05-26

Most R Markdown users may know that code blocks can be folded in HTML output. Then @rkb965 asked a good question on how to fold messages and warnings. The answer was not clear to me in the beginning, but later I recalled a contribution by @atusy and came up with this solution:

title: "Test"
    code_folding: show

```{r, setup, include=FALSE}
  class.message = 'foldable fold-hide',
  class.warning = 'foldable fold-hide'

message('Hello message!')
warning('Hello warning!')

Basically if an output block (not necessary a source code block) has the class foldable and the code_folding feature is enabled, the block will be foldable. To apply this class to messages and warnings, we just need to set the chunk options class.message and class.warning, respectively. The class fold-hide in the above example means messages and warnings will be hidden initially. They could be unfolded if you click the button on the top right.