Miao YU is Looking for a Postdoc Position in the US

Yihui Xie 2018-03-12

My friend Miao is going to finish his postdoctoral research in Waterloo this summer. Currently he is looking for a new postdoc position in the US (no particular preference over the location in US). I’m trying to help him here because usually I love helping talents who are not widely known (of course, famous people won’t need my help, either).

Miao’s background is environmental science, about which I know nothing, but we do have one strong interest in common: reproducible research. His R skills are pretty impressive to me, and he is also a creative R programmer. He has some interesting thoughts on open and reproducible journals, which is also something I have been interested in for years.

You can learn more about him from his vitae at https://yufree.cn/en/vitae/. He has been blogging for a number of years, which is perhaps an even better way to know more about him. Please let him know if you have an open position this summer. Thanks!