The Video of My Talk on blogdown at rstudio::conf 2018

Yihui Xie 2018-03-05

After I gave the talk on blogdown at rstudio::conf 2018, some people really thought I was a fast typist, because I “typed” a relatively long post at the podium in just 20 seconds. On one hand, I was happy to learn that, because my trick worked (too) well on some people. On the other, I was a little sorry that they trusted me so well — I thought it was obvious that I was cheating.

You can watch the full video here on the RStudio website. I started to type the post at 18:20, if you don’t want to watch the full video. In fact, I had explained how I made it in that post, but apparently the audience wouldn’t notice it because the editor was scrolling fast. Note that when I typed the commit message in GIT, I was so very slow…

Typing fast