Netlify is Hiring Its First Data Scientist

Yihui Xie 2018-02-23

Netlify was a company that I started to appreciate very much from 2017. I could feel how committed it was to open source, its passion for making it super convenient for people to publish content to the web, and also its amazing customer service.

Now they are trying to hire their first ever data scientist. The full position can be found here. I’m helping here for two reasons: (1) As I said, I truly appreciate what they have been doing; (2) This position looks like an excellent challenge to data scientists in my eyes. I have never published any posts for a commercial company before in my blog (not even for my own employer), but I don’t really care if it is commercial or not. It looks like a good company doing very meaningful work in my eyes. That’s it. Of course, they didn’t pay me to say good words.1

That said, you should definitely judge through your own eyes during the interview if you decide to apply. All I was doing here was to share the job position as a grateful customer.

BTW, I also want to take this opportunity to praise an amazing customer service person at Netlify named Chris M,2 who has diligently answered a lot of my questions, even when I was not a paying customer. Sometimes I receive replies in Friday evenings, and once he even continued to follow up on a question I asked a year ago! I imagine they must receive a lot of questions every day, so this is amazing to me.

  1. Had they really paid me, I wouldn’t publish this post. ↩︎

  2. Not sure what his last name is; perhaps Mccraw? ↩︎