Someone Should Help Prof Alice Silverberg Set Up A Blog

Yihui Xie 2017-12-21

Yesterday I came across a very interesting blog cleverly named “Alice’s Adventures in Numberland”. It is written by a professor at UCI named Alice Silverberg. I don’t know her. If I had two free hours, I’d make an (unsolicited) offer that she probably cannot refuse: I want to set up a “modern” blog site for her using blogdown (or pure Hugo). She should at least have an RSS feed so that people can subscribe to her posts. It will also be nice if she could enable comments under each post.

If any of my readers want to reach out to help, please feel free to. I have no idea if she’d like such an unsolicited offer, though. I can easily offer a free domain if desired.

Update on 2018-01-04

She decided to host her blog on Google sites, and you can subscribe to the RSS feed.