Publishing from R+knitr to WordPress

Yihui Xie 2013-02-10

Tal Galili asked a question on Stack Overflow on publishing blog posts to WordPress from R + knitr. William K. Morris has written a solution long time ago, and I tweaked it a little bit and created a function knit2wp() in the development version of knitr.

See the page for WordPress in the knitr website for details. Below is a sample screenshot:

knitr, R Markdown and WordPress

P.S. I meant to write a separate post about this, but I probably will not find time – in case you have not noticed, the Journal of Statistical Software ranked the first recently in terms of the impact factor in the category of “Statistics & Probability”:

Impact factor of the Journal of Statistical Software

Although everybody agrees the impact factor is nonsense, I think this is still an indication of the impact of open-access journals. If I cannot read the full content of a paper from my Google search, I will not bother to read it at all. No, I’m lazy and I will not go the library.