ICERM Reproducibility Workshop: Day 1

Yihui Xie 2012-12-10

I’m attending a workshop on reproducibility at ICERM (Brown University) this week. I really appreciate this great opportunity offered by ICERM, Randy and Victoria.

It is pretty exciting to meet people that you only knew before through indirect ways. One coincidence was that I met Fernando here (for the first time)! We did not know each other before I wrote the IPython post back in November, and I did not expect that we would meet each other so soon. Anyway, it is great to see this extremely energetic guy in person. Nerdy as I am, I immediately asked him (did I even say hello?) how IPython saves and displays plots, and he quickly showed me on the whiteboard.

Some simple notes as bullet points:

Keep an eye on the workshop website if you are interested.

BTW, to follow up David’s crowd sourcing, my advisor Di Cook did something similar earlier this year but less seriously: the students who took Stat585 at Iowa State collaborated on GitHub for a fiction in statistics when we were learning GIT in that class, which was actually a lot of fun…