Set framerate in pdf2swf

Yihui Xie 2008-06-20

To convert PDF to SWF, we may use the utility pdf2swf in SWF Tools. However, the feature of specifying the frame rate has not been documented yet. The other day Matthias Kramm told me this option just hided behind -s.

Usage: pdf2swf [-options] file.pdf -o file.swf

-h , --help               Print short help message and exit
-V , --version            Print version info and exit
-p , --pages range        Convert only pages in range with range e.g. 1-20 or 1,4,6,9-11 or
-s , --set param=value    Set a SWF encoder specific parameter.
                         ?See pdf2swf -s help for more information.

To specify the frame rate, we just need to use pdf2swf -s framerate=?.