Dokuwiki Plugins animation and math Added

Yihui Xie 2008-06-04

I spent three days on these two plugins. The first one “animation” is written by myself after a quick view of the instructions on writing plugins for Dokuwiki, as there is no such kind of plugins so far. What I want to say is “Regular expression is really a devil”! It has almost taken me a whole day to understand how to use a correct pattern to match the parameters in the tags…

Then I modified the “math” plugin so that it is much easier and more familiar for us to type LaTeX formulae in the wiki pages: just use $...$ or $ $...$$. People who are familiar with LaTeX surely know what they mean.

By the way, Philippe Grosjean has kindly provided me the necessary files for highlighting R code in the Dokuwiki system. That’s really fantastic! See this page for some examples.

So the main infrastructure has been built till now; the next step is to modify my animation package and include more functions which have been in my mind for a long time. Then I will begin to migrate the old web pages to AniWiki.