Updating the Web Site Animated Statistics Using R

Yihui Xie 2007-12-17

It’s been quite a long time since I updated this site last time… In the past few weeks, I have been writing functions for the package “animation” and now the latest version is 0.1-4, which is under construction in my hand. I should first of all finish writing all the examples I used in the past and then the progress will be a little bit slower because I have to think about new ideas about animations in statistics – surely this would take some time.

The examples in the web site “Animated Statistics Using R” will be supplemented just using my package instead of creating animation frames by R source code as before. This can lighten my burden to a large content.

BTW, I have written a special function write.rss() in version 0.1-4, which makes it convenient to generate a RSS feed from a CSV data file containing RSS items.