Yihui Xie

Jokes in Statistics - A Talk to be Given in CUEB (Slides & Materials)

Yihui Xie / 2007-10-04

I’m going to give a talk in the CUEB on some topics in the discipline of statistics at the invitation of the Association of Statistics of CUEB, and I’ve mainly prepared two topics for them: one is about those jokes from Prof. Gary’s gallery of statistics jokes, and the other is about some tools for the research of statistics. Below are materials for this talk:

If there are any errors in these materials, please tell me (through email [email protected] with x = xieyihui & y = gmail.com or leave a message here directly). Thanks!

P.S. The time of this talk has been decided now: Nov 1st, 2007. For details please refer to: https://cosx.org/cn/topic/8122