谢益辉 2007-05-17

It’s ridiculous. And I remembered some words; the general idea is (my own translation):

[…] In these years, professors are giving talks everywhere and making money – like businessmen more and more; businessmen are standing behind the teaching desks, giving lectures and writing books – like professors more and more; doctors are not responsible and “kill” their patients at will – like killers more and more; killers are very skillful and no “troubles” will be left – like doctors more and more; stars are flirting and merely want money – like strumpets more and more; strumpets are beautiful and the prices are clearly marked – like stars more and more; policemen are tyrannizing over little people, bullying the weak and fearing the strong – like local ruffians more and more; local ruffians are quite brave and firmly occupying their territories – just like policemen; rumors have strong evidences and are almost factual – like news more and more; news always exaggerates and speaks on hearsay evidences – like rumors more and more. […]

I wrote these words because some so-called “professors” are really disappointing.