Life is Like a Bowl of Spaghetti

谢益辉 2007-04-26

A man from China Asset Management Co.,Ltd (HuaXia JiJin) wanted to cooperate with me in the analysis of their data cubes. I’m quite interested.

A doctor from the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Science wanted to cooperate with me in statistical analysis and the usage of S-Plus in their English papers. I’m also interested in it.

Perhaps I should go to People’s Bank of China again this Friday, and I have to add some content to my slides.

An outline on the training course of EViews needs to be prepared these days. And it’s the same with R.

I must find some applications of Java, and I wonder whether there’re special “libraries” or “packages” for statistics.

I’d better publish the first volume of the electronic journal of COS before May 7th.

And, I think I have another two reports to write.