Surrender to M$ & start writing

谢益辉 2006-09-04

Originally I’ve written blogs at as well as, but dropped both of them at last. I left because of those endless technique problems of their blog system (I could no longer stand them), while I stopped writing blogs in the site just for the construction of “Capital of Statistics” (COS). Now I’ve almost finished the work (except for the English version of this site), so I’m now considering writing my blogs again. Due to my busy work every day, maybe I’ll not be able to write like before (those long texts take too much time), but I do think I should start writing again so that people who used to paying attention to me might find a place to communicate with me personally.

Actually I don’t like MS very much but I cannot deny the fact that it has invaded my domain in many aspects… So… The only thing I can do is just to pray that you’d like this space…

People who are familiar with me certainly know that some statistical issues will be put here (so I registered for the ID “statist”, unfortunately, both “statistic” and “statistics” are unavailable), besides, part of my daily life will also be recorded here.

At last, I hope… I sincerely hope that… this space will be robust enough…

P.S. To view this space in English, please visit, otherwise you may visit if you prefer Chinese, but I just plan to write mainly in English.