Space blocked again :(

谢益辉 2006-09-07

It seems that the fate of MSN Space (or even is quite miserable in China. I’ve heard people complaining for many times, yet I still decide to create a space here, and now I find my choice to write in English is correct.

The freedom brought by the Internet is just an eternal paradox. If one day people become aware of the fact that Internet is not just a space where you give vent to your anger, dissatisfaction or hatred, etc, I believe the environment of the cyberspace will be much better, and as a result (at least one of the results), some websites don’t need to be banned.

As for me, I rarely use nickname in the web, because I think one must be responsible for what he/she said. Especially I hate to hide behind “something” and curse others. That’s nothing but coward, no matter how hard the curses are.

Now I have to find a proxy to enter my space. Just hope it will “recover” soon.