No news in the Web

谢益辉 2006-09-09

All along I have been holding a strong belief that there is no news in the web, and I just suggest people be less curious to those non-official affairs. Some of them don’t make any sense.

I write these words above just because of the recent affair on campus concerning to a master who was described in a long post with very evil words. That post appeared in numerous forums just over the night. Then, as we can imagine, curses followed like flood.

Too naive, I said to myself. It’s not immoderate if we call them a mob using “net violence”.

Occasionally I’d like to make comparison between students in the contemporary society and that in the “May 4th Movement” (“New Culture Movement”), and sigh, if only we could understand what is the spirit of “Science and Democracy”. To some degree, we have chosen a false democracy, and lost a true science.

So next time if you meet somebody somewhere and talk about the news in the past few days, just tell them, no news in the web. Nothing happened, really.